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A group of scenesters walk into their hot-topic-of-the-minute, catwalk subsitute of a 'nightclub,' hoping to flaut their new array of star/gun/rose belts and pose like they forgot to take their butplugs out:

Bouncer: Got any i-d?

Scenesters: Erm, NO. We're scene...we don't believe in personal identity...*hide faces further under hair to disguise the fact that they are all fucking 12 years old.*

(Glassjaw plays)

John St John
*cognosceti and proud*
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[high five]! Yeah you coming up with that made me jiggle with giggle.
Haha there is nothing wrong with rose belt buckles.. or gun ones for that matter eh? THEY FUCKING SPOILT EVERYTHING.
I'm going to stop wearing belts.