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Fri.July.8th.2005 10:19am

Come join fuckyoucrew, get savage buck buck like Bormann.

Thu.April.21st.2005 11:56pm
You guys...

We should start a band. It would be oaarsum.

What is this shit?

And I swear, if I hear the name 'Adam Brody' or 'Mischa Barton' or 'Ashlee Simpson' one more time, I'm going to go in spasmodic mode on the little cunt.


Involuntary Euthenasia indeed.

I want to know what you hate.

BTW Fat burlesque goth girls are the second worst thing.

She is so retarded.

Anyway.. I'm done.
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Sat.December.25th.2004 5:12am
Wow I sent some guy an abusive message on myspace and I now have my own 'hate' club thing going on.

Everyone really is that shit. I'm flattered and amused though.. and warped for being so?

Wed.December.8th.2004 4:32pm

what's the difference between goths and preppy/popular "scenes?"




goths wear black
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Tue.November.9th.2004 11:51pm
[ mood | creative ]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is the beginning...

1Are anti scene-scum

Tue.November.9th.2004 10:05am
[ mood | devious ]

A group of scenesters walk into their hot-topic-of-the-minute, catwalk subsitute of a 'nightclub,' hoping to flaut their new array of star/gun/rose belts and pose like they forgot to take their butplugs out:

Bouncer: Got any i-d?

Scenesters: Erm, NO. We're scene...we don't believe in personal identity...*hide faces further under hair to disguise the fact that they are all fucking 12 years old.*

(Glassjaw plays)

John St John
*cognosceti and proud*

1Are anti scene-scum

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